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Do you relate to the public?

Whether you control it or not, every public figure or company has relations with the public the moment they go into business. Webpages, social media and advertisements are all important parts of communication that you control. But what about customer reviews, media coverage, and the opinions of industry experts?

Success is never an accident, but the result of consistently applied principles that produce quality results. A clear, proactive, creative Public Relations strategy is a critical part of that success.

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations (PR) carefully manages the spread of information between you and the public.

This includes securing media exposure in exciting and different ways- both online and in traditional television and print outlets.

How is PR Different than Advertising?

Advertising is important. Advertising gives the public an opportunity to find you or your product and learn for themselves how good it is.

But PR has a different goal.

When you are looking for a new restaurant to try, what do you most often do? Do you ask for a recommendation from a friend, or maybe read restaurant reviews from a website like Yelp?  Isn’t it true that we are more inclined to believe a “third party” more than a paid advertisement?

The aim of Public Relations is to pursue and secure third party media coverage that recommends you to the public. Each individual piece of coverage is Publicity.   For example, when you are interviewed on television or a respected online news source, you gain credibility. That is publicity. When you are a speaker at an industry event, or an expert on a radio program, that’s publicity.

Of course, a Public Relations strategy is more than just TV and Newspapers.

 It includes every part of a communication campaign:

  • Writing content for news and feature articles
  • Working with the press to arrange interviews
  • Writing speeches and acting as a spokesperson by speaking in public
  • Preparing clients for press conferences, media interviews, and speeches
  • Writing website and social media content.

We work hard to maintain a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of the public and current media trends.

Are you an expert in a particular field or discipline? Do you want to be seen on Television, Radio, and online?

When we synchronize your expertise with our strategy, we can create irresistible ideas for our large network of media professionals.


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