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Prestige Publicity
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About Us

About Prestige Publicity

   Have you ever watched an expert interview on television and thought to yourself- “I could do that, how do these people get on TV?”  Have you ever attended a professional event and wondered “why wasn’t I invited to be a speaker?  What will it take to get you scheduled for Television and Radio interviews and the training to make them a success?  If there were a way for you to become a respected thought leader in your industry, would you want it?

  We have got you covered. At Prestige Publicity, we craft the stories that grab the media’s attention, prepare you for success, and engage online communities to continue the conversation.

Our experience has revealed 1 simple principle: people just need to know how valuable you are.  When we find the ways to communicate your value, the public is eager to pay attention.  We take pride in sharing that value, and we take your story personally.   

We also provide content creation and curation for your website and social media accounts. We simplify the important tasks of interacting with the public without interrupting your workflow.



  •  Analyze the objectives of your organization to develop a public relations strategy that will influence public opinion or promote ideas, products, or services.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with members of the media.
  • Establish or maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, or public interest groups.
  • Arrange public appearances, speeches, or events to increase awareness for your product or service.
  • Consult with advertising agencies or staff to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of media for your organization, or individual goals.
  • Coach client representatives in effective communication with the public.
  • Prepare or deliver speeches to further public relations objectives.



  • SEO Optimized Website Design
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management of up to 15 Profiles
  • Social Media Translation and Management for up to 5 Different Languages-

The pro’s know, don’t wait to be discovered. Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Engaged